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Grandfather's Stories
(Teaching morals, values, and life lessons)

All net profits from these books go to charities for children.

I published Little One years ago and at this time can only be obtained by contacting me via email. grandfathersstories@gmail.com. 100% of whatever you decide you want to pay me for the book will be given to children’s charities. You may view the fully illustrated version by clicking HERE.

When I started on my journey of writing children’s stories, I had intended to have each story in a book, but I soon became overwhelmed. Yet I still wanted to share these stories so I put twelve of them into one book. And, because several adults enjoyed these stories, I called the book “Stories for all ages”

Stories for all ages” is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. You can even read a little of the first story there.

Here is the title of each story and the message it is attempting to give.

Adventure Stories

The Lion – Life should be an adventure

The Gift of an Open Heart – Being grateful, and forgiving

The Difficult Path – Don’t always choose the easy path

White Cloud – Your actions speak louder than words

The Legend of Truth – The importance of being truthful

The Bear – Teaches compassion

The Family Stories are much shorter and are meant to be read to younger children. When you read a story to a child you are not only giving the gift of the story, you are giving the gift of you.

Family Stories

Rolling Thunder the storyteller – Imagination is a great gift

Allowing Others to be Strong – The title says it all

Lone Elk – The only fear is fear itself

Otter and the First Prayer Offering – The power of prayer

Little Beavers Gift – The gifts we all have

Smiles A Lot – The power of a smile